Alex Fine Net Worth: Age, Height, and Wikipedia

Alex FineAlex Fine is a well-known fitness trainer who has worked with notable clients such as Odell Beckham Jr., and Terry Jacobs, amongst others. He is also an Instagram star with 361k followers on the platform under his account, @alexfine44.

In addition, Fine is recognized as the wife of the well-known singer Cassie Ventura. Learn more about Alex Fine’s net worth, age, and height in the Wikipedia-style article about the widely-recognized fitness trainer!

Who is Alex Fine? Wikipedia 

This world-famous personal trainer was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and was raised by Ross, his father, and Pam Parker, his mother.

His mother served as the dean of students at Oxford High School in Michigan for many years, and she initiated an anti-suicide campaign after reading the book and watching the film “13 Reasons Why” on Netflix.

In contrast, Alex’s father is a vocal supporter of several causes. In 2011, he graduated from Lake Orion High School, where he had previously participated in football.

Alex received his education in military science from Central Michigan University. His desire to follow in Bradley Cooper’s footsteps and become a fitness trainer began when he dropped out of college to research the actor’s physical transformation for the role of American Sniper.

Image of Alex Fine
Alex Fine.

Therefore, he traveled to Los Angeles, where he met C.T. Fletcher, Bradley Cooper’s fitness trainer for the film. After that, Cooper’s trainer made the generous offer of a position as a personal trainer.

Alex gained knowledge about how to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle through his work with Fletcher. After that, he launched his own brand, Alex Fine Performance, which quickly garnered a lot of attention from famous people.

After some time, famous actors and actresses, such as Jennifer Aniston, Terry Jacobs, and Odell Beckham Jr. Subsequently, other famed personalities, as well as a large number of sportsmen, started coming to Alex for training after hearing about him through word of mouth.

Alex Fine Net Worth

According to a trusted source, Alex has a net worth of $2 million as of 2022, and the renowned trainer has an annual income of $200 thousand. Most of his earnings came from his successful career as a trainer.

 Alex Fine Age and Height

This renowned fitness trainer was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on the 12th day of March 1993, and as of now, his age is currently 29 years old. Alex stands at the height of 183 cm and has a body weight of 85kg.

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