Amr Diab Net Worth and Age: Wife Zinah Ashour and Daughters

As the world progress to a more inclusive and accepting community, musicians like Amr Diab have been welcomed with open arms. Because of his expertise in his craft, he was acclaimed as one of the most valuable musicians from Egypt.

His passion for music did not limit him from venturing to other areas, such as writing and acting. One of his most notable film appearances was on The Dictator as Wala Ala Baloh, which gained a lot of traction from people worldwide.

Amr Diab’s journey to becoming an actor was not as successful as his music career, thus deciding to focus his attention back on his specialization. As a result, he was awarded a title in the Guinness World Record for being the top-selling artist from the Middle East.

Are you curious about the life of Amr Diab? Read this article further to discover more about the world-famous singer’s net worth, age, daughters, and married life with his wife, Zinah Ashour.

Amr Diab’s Net Worth

Image of Amr Diab
Amr Diab is an Egyptian actor, singer, and composer.

Thriving in the industry he had chosen, it is not a shocker that he earned a lot of money from his different ventures. His most extensive source of income was music contributed significantly to his net worth of $45 million.

How old is Kinzy Diab? Age and Height

The famous Egyptian singer will celebrate his 61st birthday on the eleventh of October. He was born in 1961 on Port Said, Egypt, as Amr Abdel Basset Abdel Azeez Diab.

Amr stands tall at 5 feet and 10 inches or 180 centimeters, a man of good looks and physique. Indeed, his height was a factor for him to stand out from the crowd, which helped him rise to prominence.

Amr Diab is currently married to a wife, Zinah Ashour.

Image of Amr Diab with his wife, Zinah Ashour
Amr Diab with his wife, Zinah Ashour.

The love life of Amr is as controversial as his name as a title holder in the Guinness World Record. He has been reportedly married to a lovely wife named Zinah Ashour for 24 years, from 1994 to the current year.

The couple met during one of Amr Diab’s film tapings, which developed into a deeper connection. Moreover, their first encounter developed into a long-lasting relationship, ending in marriage.

Amr and Zinah have lived happy and fruitful life since they tied the knot in 1994. However, the famous music artist ensured he kept his marriage details under wraps because he knew how the public could ruin his marriage in a snap.

Amr Diab was previously married to Shereen Reda.

As a world-famous musician, Amr captures the heart of every woman he sets his eyes on. In 1989, Shereen Reda walked down the aisle to tie the knot with Amr Diab.

Unfortunately, the Guinness World Record title holder and his previous wife separated ways in the year 1992. Being one of the most prominent people in the industry, the separation of public figures was questioned.

In an interview, the composer disclosed that the divorce was a mutual decision, and they remained friends until this writing. Amr added that the marriage is not working because the effort and dedication were not reciprocated, thus creating a toxic environment.

Amr Diab Daughters: Nour Diab, Jana Diab, and Kinzy Diab

Image of Amr Diab with his wife, Zinah Ashour, and their kids
Amr Diab with his wife, Zinah Ashour, and their kids

1. Nour Diab

Nour Diab is the product of Shereen and Amr’s love during their marriage. Although the couple did not end up together, they made sure to cooperate for the sake of their child.

As of this writing, the social media-famous daughter is now engaged to a fiancĂ©, whose name was not disclosed for privacy purposes. Moreover, it looks like she is most likely to follow in her parent’s footsteps in the show business.

2. Jana Diab

Being affiliated with Amr Diab made it easy for Jana Diab to enter the world of music. On the first of January 2017, the daughter of the famous musician released her debut single entitled Mouth Taped Shut, which proved that she is still qualified to enter the industry even without her father’s influence.

3. Kinzy Diab

Growing up with a world-renowned father, it was easier for Kinzy to get the clout she desired as a social media influencer. As of this writing, she has 400,000 followers, which serve as her audience whenever she promotes products and partnerships.

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