Clay Aiken Net Worth, Age, Gay: Son Parker Foster Aikens

Clay Aiken is renowned for being a tv personality, singer, actor, musician, and journalist. He has also developed his career as a politician and an activist.

Along with recording albums, Aiken has maintained his music career by going on a number of successful international tours. He has also produced television programs, publications, and other projects.

Clay is a well-known actor who has performed in musicals and other plays. Eventually, he became a politician who ran as a Democrat for Congress.

Find out more as we reveal details about the net worth and age of Clay Aiken. Also, read about whether he has a Son or he is Gay.

How much Does Clay Aiken worth?

Image of Clay Aiken
Clay Aiken is a known singer, actor, TV personality, and a democratic activist

According to certain news providers, Clay Aiken is worth $7 million. He accumulated his wealth throughout his career.

His residence is located in Carolina and is said to be worth more than one million dollars. For its 1,043 square yard area, his house has four bedrooms and can accommodate a large number of people.

Aiken attempted to sell it previously for $3.5 million but was unable; as a result, he ultimately agreed to a significantly reduced price and wiped his hands off the whole situation.

Clay Aiken purchased a house in North Carolina for $655,000 in 2018. He brought this house for sale two months ago for almost a million dollars.

Clay Aiken has a Son, Parker Foster Aiken

Image of Clay Aiken with his son, Parker Foster Aiken
Clay Aiken with his son, Parker Foster Aiken

Clay confirmed the birth of his kid named, Parker Foster Aiken, in 2008. Later, Jaymes Foster was identified as the mother, and it is said that in-vitro fertilization was used throughout the pregnancy.

Parker is now 14 years old, and his parents are raising him in a caring and fun home with a lot of attention and affection. Parker is still enrolled in high school there.

Is Clay Aiken married to a Wife?

Image of Clay Aiken with his co-parent Jaymes Foster-Levy, and their son, Parker Foster Aiken
Clay Aiken with his co-parent Jaymes Foster-Levy, and their son, Parker Foster Aiken

Clay Aiken is not wed at present. He has openly admitted to being gay, though.

There have been rumors about his former relationships, but in 2003, he was seeing Parker’s mother, Jaymes Foster-Levy.

Clay is not currently dating anyone and is leading a solitary life. Instead of his romance, he is concentrating on his professional life.

Is Clay Aikens Gay?

He initially came out as gay in front of the media in 2008. In 2010, Aiken was dating an actor, Devin Finn. Likewise, he kept in touch with Reed Kelly, a media personality from 2008 until 2010.

A theatrical actor and underwear model named Jeff Walters and Clay Aiken were romantically together for a year in 2011.

Clay has been quiet about his love life after his separation from Jeff. However, if you look at his Instagram, he posted a picture with Broadway performer Thayne Jasperson two years ago.

After becoming LGBT in 2008, Clay has increased his political activism, mainly focusing on same-sex marriage and gay rights. He expressed opposition to North Carolina Amendment 1, which was approved in 2012 that banned homosexual marriage and civil marriage in the state.

Clay said during his congressional race that he did not want to be perceived as a supporter of gay marriage. He asserted that he made an effort to focus on issues that were more important to the people in his area.

Bill Maher and other advocates for same-sex marriage criticized him for his assertion.

Clay Aiken’s Career and Bio

Clay Aiken, 43, was raised in North Carolina, where he was born in November 1978. When Aiken was a little boy, he sang in the Raleigh Boychoir.

During his teenage years, he participated in plays, theater, and school and church choirs. In 2003, Clay graduated and earned a degree in special education.

Clay Aiken finished second on American Idol’s second season in 2003, launching his career in the music industry. His debut single, Measure of a Man, was awarded multi-platinum.

Aiken published Learning to Sing: Hearing the Music in Your Life, where he describes the value of his extraordinary achievement for him in 2004. He worked as a movie star and appeared in Ed as himself.

Clay was the Democratic Party’s nominee for North Carolina’s second congressional district in 2014. In the last 2022 congressional election, Clay finished third in the eight-candidate Primary election, but two other candidates came out on top.

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