Daisy Marquez Net Worth, Age, and Sister

2016 was the year when YouTubers were mainstreamed because of their varied content. One of the content creators who rose to prominence during that time was Daisy Marquez, who specializes in beauty.

Her first video was uploaded six years ago to teach her audience what makeup style is best for their prom night. It was followed by many makeup tutorial videos mixed with some Q&A and other videos connected to beauty.

Are you curious about the Net Worth and Age of Daisy Marquez? Does she have a sister? Read this Wikipedia-type article further to learn more about the content creator.

Who is Daisy Marquez?

Image of Daisy Marquez
Daisy Marquez is a known YouTube content creator and a social media personality. She usually uploads makeup videos on her YouTube channel.

Growing up, it was hard for teenagers to learn how to do their makeup once they entered their senior years or college. Luckily, people like Daisy Marquez exist.

Her affiliation with the football team during her freshman years gave her a reason to learn makeup because it was required of them. From there on, the beauty content creator decided that she would share her journey online to help girls like her to learn how to apply makeup.

It was a shocker for her that she reached approximately 100,000 followers in the first two months of her journey.

Daisy Marquez’s net Worth

It is a no-brainer for the public that YouTubers are not allowed to disclose anything about their salary. Therefore, there is not much information about the exact net worth of Daisy Marquez.

Nevertheless, based on her endorsements and partnerships, it was identified that she has been earning $17,330 annually. Therefore, her Net Worth is most likely over $100,000, which is set to increase in the following years as people start to depend on their knowledge on streaming websites like YouTube.

How old is Daisy Marquez? Age and Birthday

As a content creator, thinking about what to do on your birthday is taxing because you can create content from it. People wonder how Daisy will celebrate her 25th birthday on September 24, 2022.

She was welcomed to this world in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, in 1997. At the age of 24, she was able to provide for her family and secure her future, which is a genuinely commendable thing to do.

How was Daisy Marquez before?

It seems like Daisy is indeed drawn to fame because she was a member of the cheerleading team in her collegiate days. Also, this has been the reason why she is already on her road to fame because she was prompted to learn makeup, which started her YouTube career.

Who is Daisy Marquez’s sister?

Image of Daisy Marquez with her sister, Destiny Marquez
Daisy Marquez with her sister, Destiny Marquez

Daisy paved the way for other content creators, including her sister named, Destiny Marquez. Her Instagram account was created in 2015 but only mainstreamed when she was announced as the sister of the famous beauty vlogger.

Following her sister’s steps, Destiny created her name in the industry through modeling and vlogging about beauty, lifestyle, and fashion. Moreover, the YouTube beauty vlogger could land a contract with Estefany Maxim, which made her name more relevant.

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