Danny Mullen’s Net Worth, Girlfriend Mia Gibbs, and Age

Danny Dullen is a renowned YouTuber with more than 600 thousand followers on the video-streaming platform. In the beginning, he uploaded skits that did not receive much attention.

Following his transition to videos featuring “man-on-the-street” types of people and his use of Facebook as a means of disseminating the videos, he eventually amassed a fan base. In the year 2017, he launched his channel on YouTube under the name Danny Mullen.

To learn more about Danny Mullen’s life, read more of this article about the YouTuber’s life. See details of his net worth, age, birthday, height, and girlfriend, Mia Gibbs.

Who is Danny Mullen?

Just like we said earlier, Danny Mullen is a renowned YouTuber with thousands of followers on the platform. The internet celebrity was born in Orangevale, California, US, and spent his childhood there.

Once a week, the YouTuber releases videos that last for approximately half an hour each. The content includes a wide variety of items, such as public pranks, comedy, and segments in the manner of documentaries, such as his series on the worst town in America.

Image of Danny Mullen

The majority of his videos are predicated on an overarching principle that also serves as the primary narrative arc. Videos are frequently segmented into a few different parts on the whole.

He is also a co-host on the podcast dubbed “The Leo & Danny Show,” in which he and Leo discuss a variety of topics, including videos.

The name of the show is due to the fact that Danny and Leo have the same name. On occasion, interviews with special guests will be included in the podcast.

Danny Mullen’s Net Worth

According to many sources, Danny has a net worth of $1 to $5 Million as of 2022. Most of the internet celebrity’s earnings came from his YouTube channel, which has 639 thousand followers.

Danny Mullen is dating a girlfriend, Mia Gibbs.

Danny is currently dating a woman named Mia Gibbs. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information regarding their relationship that can be found on the internet.

For example, when Mullen and Mia started dating and how they first met is still private to the public. On the other hand, he will occasionally put her girlfriends on his videos, which his admirers find to be very adorable.

We will update this article about Danny Mullen if new information about the famed YouTuber and his girlfriend comes out.

Image of Danny Mullen with her Girlfriend Mia Gibbs
Danny Mullen kissing his girlfriend, Mia Gibbs.

Who is Danny Mullen’s girlfriend, Mia Gibbs?

Mia is an Instagram star with over 20 thousand followers on the platform. Regrettably, there is not a significant amount of information available in regards to Danny Mullen’s girlfriend and her personal life due to the fact that she has not shared any of it.

If you are curious about Danny Mullen’s girlfriend, you can find her Instagram here.

How old is Danny Mullen? Age and Height

Danny was born in Orangevale, California, US, on the 20th day of November 1989, meaning that he is currently 32 years old as of now. According to Danny, the social media star stands at the height of 6’3.

However, many people think that he is 5’9.

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