Who is Danny Phantom Exe Girlfriend? Age 

Danny Phantom Exe is a social media star who is followed by millions on different social media platforms. It was his point-of-view and lip-synced videos published on his TikTok account that initially brought him to the attention of a global audience.

Already having more than 400 thousand followers on Instagram, he is well on his way to being one of the most famous people on the network. On his Tiktok account, he has more than 7 million followers. In his self-titled YouTube channel has attracted the subscriptions of more than 280 thousand users.

Keep reading to find out more about media star Danny Phantom Exe. Who is he? Age, Birthday, Girlfriend, Relationship Status, and where does he live?

Who is Danny Phantom Exe?

Image of Danny Phantom
Danny Phantom is a known and viral TIKTOK content creator. He uploads videos of himself lip-syncing, comedies, and POV videos.

As we said earlier, Danny Phantom Exe is a social media star followed by millions on different social media platforms. In 2019, he started sharing videos on TikTok.

The audience was fascinated by his one-of-a-kind and creative approach to humor, which they thought was incredibly stimulating. This social media celebrity POV, in which he portrays the role of a “British gentleman from the 1800s,” is mostly responsible for him being able to achieve a fair level of fame.

Danny has amassed millions of fans on the platform because of his funny videos, which have humor that is atypical but relatable at the same time.

How old is Danny Phantom Exe? Age and Birthday

This social media star was born in Washington on June 1, 2002. As of 2022, he is presently 20 years old.

Who is Danny Phantom Exe’s Girlfriend? Relationship Status

Image of Danny Phantom's ex-girlfriend, Riley Mae
Danny Phantom’s ex-girlfriend, Riley Mae

In the past, Danny was romantically involved with Riley Mae, who is currently a very well-known TikTok Star and has earned a significant number of followers on the application. The pair had a wonderful relationship with each other, but for some unexplained reason, they decided to go their ways.

At the moment, he has some kind of love connection with Amber Glenn, a figure skater. Unfortunately, there is no information about how they met on the public. On the other hand, Danny frequently shares videos of himself and his girlfriend Amber.

Where does Danny Phantom Exe live?

Unfortunately, there is no information available on the internet on where Danny currently lives. Don’t worry; we will update this section if new information comes out.

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