Who is Dusty Slay Wife? Net Worth, Age, and Wikipedia

Dusty Slay is a man who has many skills; he is a comedian, actor, and writer. He is famous for performing in a variety of shows, some of which are “Laughs” and “Somewhat Damaged Podcast.”

He can now be seen performing standup comedy on a brand-new series called “The Standups,” on which the other comedians are typically not as well-known as those with their own stand-alone specials.

Are you curious about Dusty Slay Wikipedia-Bio? Learn more about his net worth, age, and marriage with his wife, Hannah Slay.

Who is Dusty Slay? Wikipedia

Image of Dusty Slay with his wife, Hannah Slay
Dusty Slay with his wife, Hannah Slay

Before becoming a comedian, he used to be a business owner. Dusty’s former business was selling fertilizer and insecticides, and it was based in Nashville.

Dusty is a standup comedian who takes his audience on a journey through his life, beginning with his childhood, which he spent in a trailer park, and progressing into his adult years. During this, the comedian worked and even occasionally experienced blackouts.

He believes that skunks have a marijuana-like odor, but he will not engage in a conversation on heavy subjects such as race, religion, or politics with someone who, unlike him, never has drunk gasoline out of a water hose.

He broke the record for the youngest comic to ever play at the renowned Grand Ole Opry. Since then, he has made three visits to the illustrious stage in a span of fewer than six months.

Additionally, he has hosted the CMA Fest Forever Country Stage, where the comedian entertained audiences in between sets by some of the most famous performers in country music.

Dusty Slay is married to a wife, Hannah Slay.

Image of Dusty Slay with his wife, Hannah Slay, and their daughter
Dusty Slay with his wife, Hannah Slay, and their daughter

Dusty Slay and his wife, Hannah Hogan, have been together for a good while now and appear to be very content in their marriage. They are currently having the time of their lives, despite the fact that there is no information surrounding how they first met or how they fell in love with one another.

The married couple has also launched a podcast titled “We’re Having a Good Time” that chronicles their time spent touring as comedians. In March of 2021, however, Dusty Slay’s wife announced her departure from the show, and he continued to host it solo for some time.

Due to the fact that Slay and his wife would rather not disclose certain aspects of their personal lives, the couple does have a daughter, but they haven’t revealed her name yet.

Dusty Slay Net Worth

Prior to the unknown surgical condition that required him to have surgery, Dusty Slay had accumulated a net worth of $700.000.

The operation took place in March of 2021, and ever since then, he has been suffering from the aftermath of it. The surgical procedure was successful, and he quickly resumed his standup routine.

Dusty Slay Age and Bio

Dusty Slay, whose age is 39, was born on the 18th day of May 1982, in Opelika, Alabama, in the United States. He spent his childhood in a trailer park in Alabama and has many stories to tell about his blackout drunk experiences.

Dusty was raised in a dysfunctional home that had divorced when he was a little child. He split his childhood between the two of them by spending time with both of them.

The comedian’s father farmed on a farm outside of LaFayette, while his mother resided in a trailer park in the state of Alabama.

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