Genevieve Katherine Jackson: Facts about Randy Jackson’s Daughter

Genevieve is an aspiring singer who wants to become one of the best singers in the world. Genevieve has not yet published any music officially.

However, in the recent past, a few tracks and demos have been shared or publicly revealed online, including “Where They Love” in 2012 and “Get Rid of You” in 2009, and “Bad” in 2009. Among these, Where They Love on (2012) is the most well-known.

Keep reading to learn more about Randy Jackson’s Daughter Genevieve Katherine Jackson, including her career, net worth, and parents. Also, his recently turned husband in this Wikipedia-style biography.

 Who is Genevieve Katherine Jackson?

Image of Genevieve Katherine Jackson
Genevieve Katherine Jackson is a Creative Manager at Kobalt Music. She is also known as Michael Jackson’s niece.

Genevieve Jackson has the potential to make a significant impact on the music scene because of the allure of a youthful performer and the soulful quality of her vocal style.

Nevertheless, she also began pursuing other dreams, such as assisting the homeless and traveling the world to make a change.

Genevieve started the project known as EIGBO (Everything Is Gonna Be OK) in 2016, through which she utilizes her voice to inspire others and share feelings of love and happiness with the world.

She came up with the idea of eigbo with the purpose of offering people the tidbit of comfort that we all sometimes need to understand that everything is going to be all right.

Genevieve Jackson is married to Brandon, aka Jola the Trunk Boi.

Image of Genevieve Katherine Jackson with her husband, Brandon
Genevieve Katherine Jackson with her husband, Brandon

Genevieve is currently married to a man named Brandon, aka “Jola the Trunk Boi.” The wedding took place not too long ago, on May 6th, 2022, which implies that the couple is a newlywed couple.

Their wedding was also filmed on YouTube, where viewers can see what goes on behind the scenes and a few pictures. The couple currently resides in Atlanta, expecting to become parents very soon.

In spite of this, there haven’t been any reports or rumors heard regarding the two of them breaking up recently.

Genevieve Katherine Jackson’s Career and Net Worth

She currently works as a Creative Manager at Kobalt Music. Kobalt is one of the world’s most inventive and successful music companies.

They make use of technology to empower artists, songwriters, publishers, and labels with creative freedom, transparency, ownership, and control over their work.

Genevieve has an estimated net worth of between $1 and $5 million as a result of her serving at this company.

Image of Genevieve Katherine Jackson with her mother, Alejandra Oaziaza
Genevieve Katherine Jackson with her mother, Alejandra Oaziaza.

Genevieve Katherine Jackson’s father, Randy Jackson. 

Genevieve’s father is a man with multiple talents, including singing, songwriting, and dancing. Randy Jackson is best known as a former member of his family band, the Jacksons.

Although he was a member of the Jackson 5, he did not join the group at its inception. His first live performance was with his siblings in 1971, during a Christmas event that the Jackson 5 put on for visually impaired youngsters.

Although he had been on every Jackson 5 tour since 1972, primarily playing the congas along with other instruments, Genevieve’s father did not officially become a member of the family band until 1975.

At that time, the Jackson 5 had just left Motown Records for CBS Records, and Randy was forced to replace his older brother Jermaine because Jermaine had chosen to remain with Motown.

Social Media Activities

Genevieve has an Instagram account in which she is not very active. Her most recent update is about her wedding, which took place way back in May.

In spite of this, she has over 36,000 people following her on the platform. Most of her post is with his husband, Brandon, which she is proud to do.

In one of her posts, she is seen wearing a stunning gown, while Brandon is shown wearing a dashing white suit that is enough to win the heart of any woman.

The post has images of the pair smiling brightly during their wedding, which serves as evidence of how happy they were during the ceremony.

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