Jimmy Humilde Net Worth: His Wife, House, Age, Daughter, real name 

Jimmy Humilde is a music producer and is famous for creating Rancho Humilde Records. He is widely regarded as one of the most successful music producers. Read this to know Jimmy Humilde’s net worth

He has become renowned for posting his works on his YouTube channel, and Jimmy maintains an incredible connection with a variety of other musicians with whom he has worked to produce some outstanding compositions in collaboration. His music incorporates elements of hip hop from the United States to the traditional music of Mexico.

Continue reading to know Jimmy’s wife and their children.

Who is Jimmy Humilde? Early Life

Image of Jimmy Humilde
Jimmy Humilde is a known American Musical Artist, music producer, record label producer, and a singer.

Ever since Jimmy was a child, he dreamt of being a musician. After he turned 21, he relocated to Inglewood from Venice, where he had spent his first 21 years of life.

Since he does not reveal a lot of information about his parents, there is not a lot of information that is now available. However, Jimmy will most likely post the picture on his Instagram account besides his mother.

Jimmy Humilde Net Worth and House

According to a reliable site, Jimmy Humilde’s net worth is around $7 million as of 2022. Most of his earnings which made up his net worth, came from YouTube.

The producer’s house is in Los Angles. Sadly, the specifics of his house are unavailable to the public, but we will update this section if new information regarding Jimmy’s house comes out.

Who is Jimmy Humilde Wife? Does he have a daughter? 

Probably because Jimmy has crossed the age at which most people get married, people have been wondering if he is married to a wife and has a daughter with her. The truth is Jimmy Humilde is married to his wife, but he chooses to keep his wife and daughter away from the limelight.

How old is Jimmy Humilde? Age

Jimmy was born on the 21st day of July 1980 in Venice, California, US. As of 2022, this producer is currently 41 years old.

Jimmy Humilde Real Name and Career

This producer’s real name is Jimmy Humilde. When he first began his career, he was a musician. In 2009, he launched a YouTube channel under his own name titled, which presently has more than 700 million subscribers.

Later on, though, he decided to pursue a career in music production rather than as a recording artist. Jimmy established the music label Rancho Humilde in 2015, and at the present time, he serves as the Chief Executive Officer of that label.

He entered into an agreement with Clinq Music, which resulted in Clinq Music becoming the international distributor of the music recordings released on his label. He gave his music a touch of Mexican flavor, and as a result, Jimmy quickly gained a lot of popularity because not many other musicians were doing it.

This artist’s music is quite successful due to the influence of Mexican culture. The transition in culture has worked out well for him, and he is praised highly for infusing Mexican characteristics into his music, which has earned him a lot of admiration.

Getting to the point that Jimmy is at now requires a significant amount of work on his part. The work Jimmy exerted certainly got him to where he stands today.

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