Joe Teti Wikipedia, Age, and Net Worth. Married to Wife?

If you are a fan of the show Dual Survival, then you probably know who Joe Teti is. He is one of the show’s casts that deal with different scenarios, including finding food and shelter in the outdoor wilderness.

Before becoming a survival show star, Joe worked as military personnel. Teti was previously a marine and army special forces Green Beret.

Are you curious about the retired military personnel’s Wikipedia and Age? Moreover, Read this article to learn more about Joe Teti’s Net Worth and Relationship status.

Who is Joe Teti? Wikipedia

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Joe Teti, also known as Joseph Teti, is a veteran of the US military and US government special operations units, an actor, and a TV personality. 

Joe Teti is the star of the hit Discovery Channel show Dual Survival. In the show, he faces different threats and tackles them strategically to escape dangerous situations.

He came in the 3rd season of the show replacing Dave Canterbury. Joe’s full name is Joseph N. Teti, and he spent most of his youth in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

During his youth, Joe was a great athlete. According to him, this was one of the deciding factors that shaped his future.

After studying, Teti went to train for the military, and during his years of service, he has been on various battlefields worldwide. Some of his operations include Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

He was also deployed in international military stations such as Gaza Strip and Ramallah.

How old is Joe Teti? Age and Height

His scenes in the wilderness show how tough Joe is. But it is surprising to know that even though he is still physically strong, he is already 57 years old.

The reality TV star was born on the tenth day of December 1964. After great military success, he worked as an outdoor survivalist.

His height is rumored to be around 1.75 meters or 5’9 inches.

Joe Teti’s Net Worth

Before appearing on TV, Joe had a successful career outside the flashing lights and cameras. His military career has served him a lot of good memories as well as good pay.

Reports suggest that his net worth is somewhere near $300 thousand. This is after he joined Discovery Channel‘s show Dual Survival.

His salary today is said to be somewhere between $50 thousand to $100 thousand.

Is Joe Teti married to a Wife?

Although he has been in the spotlight for quite some time now, Joseph has been excellent in not revealing information about his personal life. But since he has a lot of fans, some people got hold of private information of the reality TV star.

Sources tell that he was previously married to a woman. But unfortunately, there is no information available about the identity of Teti’s ex-wife.

Also, his social media accounts do not have any trace of the said ex-wife. In addition, sources say they are currently going through a divorce.

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