Jordin Sparks Net Worth: Her Parents, Ethnicity, Height, Weight Loss, Tattoos.

Jordin Sparks is well-known for her work as an actress, singer, and the youngest American Idol Season Six champion.

What happened to singer Jordin Sparks and her Parents? What is her Net Worth in 2022? Did she lose weight? When did she release Tattoo? And how tall is she? More of this information is in the article below!

Jordin Sparks Net Worth 2022

Image of Jordin Sparks with her parents, Phillippi Sparks and Jodi Sparks
Jordin Sparks with her parents, Phillippi Sparks and Jodi Sparks

As of 2022, the singer-songwriter is estimated to have a net value of eight million dollars. She achieved global popularity as a teenager after winning American Idol in 2007.

Around 2 million CDs of her record were sold worldwide, making it a major hit. In addition to becoming well-known for her singing, she also increased her net worth by appearing in several films and tv programs.

Apart from her acting and singing careers, which account for the majority of her revenue, Jordin is also very engaged in commercial, charity, and advertising activities. She also earns on her YouTube channel.

She sold her property for close to $2 million in 2017. There are several rooms, a pool, a garden, a gym, a movie theater, a large living room, and other amenities in this 233 m2 property.

Jordin has cars such as Jeep Rubicon and BMW 4 Series amounting to almost $130,00.

Jordin Sparks Parents, Phillippi Sparks and Jodi Sparks

Image of Jordin Sparks with her parents, Phillippi Sparks and Jodi Sparks
Jordin Sparks with her parents, Phillippi Sparks and Jodi Sparks

Jordin’s parents are Phillippi Sparks, a former footballer, and Jodi Sparks, her supportive mother. Jordin was raised in the suburban areas of New Jersey, where her dad played defensive back for the New York Giants.

Jordin’s grandmother, Pam Wiedmann, homeschooled her in 2006 so she could concentrate on honing her vocals. She has excellent support from her mother, Jodi, and in 2009 they signed a commitment together, promising never to text and drive.

Jordin Sparks’ parents never failed to show their support to her; even now, she has her own family.


Jordin has a brother named Phillippi Sparks Jr, who is following their dad’s footsteps as a football player. PJ is currently taking part in the football team at their school, Arizona Christian University.

How tall is Jordin Sparks? Her Height and Measurements

The vocalist is 5’10 tall, and her weight is 64 kg (141 lbs). Her body measurement is 36-28-36, while her bra size is 34B.

Jordin has a shoe size of 11 in the US woman’s size. When wearing or buying a dress, she uses the size of 8 in the US.

Jordin Sparks Ethnicity

Since her mom is of German, Scottish, English, and Norwegian ancestry and her father are of African American blood, Jordin has mixed ethnicity.

Her song: Tattoo

Image of Jordin Sparks' side tattoos
Jordin Sparks’ side tattoos

Due to issues with her recording company, her song Tattoos was delayed many times before finally being released. Critics gave the song generally positive reviews after its 2007 premiere.

The song’s highest point was at third position in Canada, top 5 in Australia, and eighth across the Us. Since then, all three nations have granted it a platinum rating.

Weight Loss

Image of Jordin Sparks' weight loss
Jordin Sparks’ weight loss

When the singer walked the carpet at Sparkle Premiere ten years ago, she made news of shedding 50 pounds. Jordin incorporated punching, Zumba, and jogging into her exercise regimen to help her shed the pounds.

Her mother, Jodi, joins her for the family friend-taught Zumba courses. Because workout alone won’t work, Jordin completely changed her eating habits.

She started her weight-loss journey in 2010, giving herself time to achieve her body goal today.

Jordin Sparks Career and Wiki

Jordin Sparks, 32, was born in Phoenix, United States, in 1987. Sparks will be turning another year older on December 22 this year.

When Jordin was younger, she entered talent shows, which is how her career began. After getting the title of the sixth season of American Idol at 17, she rose to prominence.

She released several albums and was recognized with numerous accolades for her singing. Jordin also gained recognition for her acting career in movies such as God Bless the Broken Road, Fashion Police, Dear Secret Santa, and more.

Sparks participated in various charity campaigns and fundraisings. In 2010, she took part in singing a song to help the victims of Haiti.

Today, while pursuing her career, Jordin makes sure she spends quality time with her husband, Dana, and her child, also named Dana Isaiah Thomas Jr.

Jordin is active on her social media accounts, and you can see her Instagram profile with lots of posts about her career, family, and her daily life.

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