Kelli Erdmann Net Worth: Husband, Age, and Wikipedia

If you have been following TikTok influencers recently, you probably know who Kelli Erdmann is. She is an American dancer who recently went viral on the social media platform TikTok.

According to her, the pandemic really helped her career because she was just at home and had much time to create dance covers that she would later post on the platform. Aside from her online fame, she also has acted in TV shows such as Glee and The Goldbergs.

With the sudden rise of the social media personality’s career, does she have spare time to have a relationship? Read this article to know more about Kelli Erdmann, her net worth, if she is married to a husband or not, and Wikipedia.

Who is Kelli Erdmann? Wikipedia

Image of Kelli Erdmann
Kelli Erdmann is a dancer, social media personality, actress, and choreographer.

Kelli Ann Erdmann is a social media personality that gained a massive following on TikTok. Most of her youth was spent in Marysville, Washington, and during this time, she already knew that her passion was dancing.

Because of this, Kelli would pursue her dream and train at Pilchuck Dance Academy. After her training there, the TikTok star wanted to learn more, so she went to different dance academies to study.

According to reports, Erdmann has learned different styles of dancing, such as Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Ballet. Immediately after graduation, she went to Los Angeles in hopes of achieving her goal of becoming a professional dancer.

Luckily, she landed a small role with the Nickelodeon TV series Victorious. This jumpstarted her career in the TV industry, and she later went on to appear in other tv shows.

Kelli Erdmann’s Net Worth

Even before her rise to fame, Erdmann has worked in the TV industry since the year 2012. She has appeared in TV series such as Victorious and Bunheads.

But after she went viral in recent years, Kelli’s net worth rose drastically because of endorsements and brand deals. Recent estimates show that her net worth is somewhere around $400 thousand.

This is after she secured deals with brands such as Reebok, Samsung, Adidas, Crocs, and Dodge.

Is Kelli Erdmann Married to a Husband?

Image of Kelli Erdmann with her partner, Freeman Butler
Kelli Erdmann with her partner, Freeman Butler.

Her social media accounts are filled with posts of her dancing and doing different kinds of content. She mostly posts videos and images on her Instagram that are unrelated to her private life.

This is because Kelli prefers having her personal life away from the reach of the public. Although this is the case, it is not a secret that the TikTok star is already in a relationship.

Kelli Erdmann is in a relationship with Freeman Butler. Reports are not clear whether the two are just dating or already a husband.

Kelli Erdmann Age

In her TikTok account, Kelli posts dance covers of trendy music. This is amazing because people think that she is still in her twenties.

But in reality, the social media personality is already 30 years old. Kelli was born on the eighth day of April on the year 1992.

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