Lizzy Musi (Kye Kelley’s new Wife) Net Worth: Age, New Car, and Wiki

Lizzy Musi is a female professional race car driver. Her rise to prominence was all because of her wins at different racing tournaments.

She also appeared in the tv show Street Outlaws. In addition to this, Liz is also an entrepreneur and has her own clothing company.

The female race car driver has a tough schedule. Is Lizzy Musi Key Kelley’s new wife? Read this article to know more about Lizzy Musi’s relationship status, net worth, and age.

Who is Lizzy Musi? Wiki

Image of Lizzy Musi and Kye Kelley
Lizzy Musi and Kye Kelley.

Liz is an American woman that has a successful career in the racing industry. Born on the first day of January in 1991, she spent most of her childhood in North Carolina.

This is where her love for cars developed. Liz’s father is also a racer. Pat Musi, her father, inspired her after teaching her all the things she needed to know about racing.

At an early age, Liz had already started racing. After graduating, the Musi immediately went to work. First, she was a Junior Dragster.

After her time there, she moved to Top Sportsman, where she was first in 2013’s ADRL US Drag. Since then, Liz has raced in different parts of the country.

Some of her races joined are the American Drag Racing League and Professional Drag Racers Association which she won in 2014. Her most recent tournament is with Street Outlaws No Prep Kings, where her husband Kye Kelley also races.

Lizzy Musi Net Worth

As the first woman to achieve more than 200 miles per hour in eight-mile door slammer racing, Musi has been an icon for many. Her success on the race track allowed her to land endorsements and brand deals.

Aside from this, she also has won a lot of money from winning different races in her career. Because of this, her net worth is said to be $2 million.

How old is Lizzy Musi? Age

Musi has achieved a lot in her racing career. This is why some fans are surprised to know that the lovely race car driver is only 31 years old, as she was born on January 1st, 1991.

In addition to this, Lizzy seems to have a lot left and would aim to add more to her trophy case.

Lizzy Musi is engaged to Kye Kelley. Is she pregnant?

Image of Lizzy Musi with her partner, Kye Kelley
Lizzy Musi with her partner, Kye Kelley.

Lizzy’s current fiancee was previously married, but the marriage ended in divorce. Fortunately for him, he rediscovered love in 2017 with Lizzy Musi.

The couple recently revealed that they are ready to marry. Lizzy shared an image of her engagement ring on Instagram, hinting at her yes answer to Kelley’s question about marriage.

Lizzy, like Kye Kelley, is a car enthusiast. The lovely lady, like her fiancée, is a professional racer.

According to statements, this is one of the reasons they clicked so quickly and have such good compatibility. Since they have been together for many years, fans are beginning to speculate if the lovely race car driver is already pregnant.

Unfortunately, there are no reports about Liz bearing the child of Kye, but fans are hoping that someday the two could build their own family.

Accident and Death rumor.

In recent years, rumors about Lizzy’s death circulated on the internet. This only got worse after her crash in 2021.

The lovely race car driver was in a race in Darlington in her Chevrolet Camaro when all of a sudden, she lost control of the vehicle and crashed. Fortunately, she went out of the freak accident with no serious injury.

Lizzy Musi Sister, Family, and Bio

Although Lizzy is an excellent driver, she is not the only speedster in the family. The lovely woman has a sister that also is a race car driver.

She is Tricia Musi. Tricia is older than Lizzy. Just like her younger sister, she also has won multiple races in her career.

Tricia is an NMCA World Champion. She took home first place in the Nitrous Pro Street competition in 2019.

Her achieved success in the racing industry has made her a lot of money. Estimates say that her net worth is $800 thousand.

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