Lyndsay Lamb Net Worth, Age, and Wiki. Married to Husband?

Lyndsay Lamb is one-half of the host of the HGTV show Unsellable Houses. In the show, she is tasked to market properties that were deemed hard to sell.

Aside from this, Lyndsay also appeared in the 2021 TV series Farmhouse Fixes, where she brought life to houses that were left abandoned in time.

With the busy career of the real estate celebrity, does she have time to raise a family? Read more of this Wikipedia-type article about Lyndsay Lamb’s Net worth and Relationship status.

Who is Lyndsay Lamb? Wikipedia

Image of Lyndsay Lamb with her son
Lyndsay Lamb with her son.

Lyndsay Lamb is the daughter of Kathy Kuna DeWitte and is also the twin sister of Leslie Lamb. She grew up in Washington, where her interest in real estate slowly evolved.

Her success with Unsellable Houses came when she was discovered after her video on YouTube went viral. Since then, her life has changed, and she became a TV star alongside her sister.

In the show, Lamb is tasked with transforming properties that are not fit for the market into high-end-looking homes that would instantly attract buyers.

Lyndsay Lamb’s net Worth

Before being a television personality, she worked various jobs. According to reports, she started as a banker in 2001.

Afterward, she studied real estate and investing and decided to put up her own company. In 2008, she opened her real estate firm named Lamb Real Estate.

Now, Lamb’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million. This is after her success in TV and real estate.

Lyndsay Lamb’s Age

After working in the show business industry for quite some time, fans tend to forget that Lamb is also aging. This is why it is surprising to know that Lyndsay is currently forty-one years old already.

She was born on the fourth day of April in 1981 and celebrated her birthday every year with her family.

Lyndsay Lamb is Married to a Husband, Justin Lamb

Image of Lyndsay Lamb with her husband, Justin Lamb
Lyndsay Lamb with her husband, Justin Lamb.

Since her rise to fame, many fans of the Unsellable House host have been curious about her marital status. Luckily for us fans, Lyndsay has shared information about her married life.

She is currently enjoying more than two decades of married life with her husband, Justin Lamb. The two met in the late 90s and decided to exchange vows in 2002.

Before they were officially together, the lovely couple were first friends because they went to the same high school, and just a few years later, they already have their own family.

The married couple has a son. Fans are hoping that the two could have more children in the future.

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