Nema Vand Age, Net Worth, Ex-Wife, and Sister

Nema Vand is well-known as a digital marketing expert, reality TV star, and actor. He became a part of Shahs of Sunset, an American reality show that premiered on Bravo in 2018 for its seventh season.

One of the most well-known shows in the US is Shahs of Sunset, and its much anticipated new season has been delayed owing to the pandemic.

Continue reading if you’re curious about Nema Vand’s age and Net Worth. Further, get to learn about his ex-wife, sister, and family.

How old is Nema Vand? Age

Image of Nema Vand
Nema Vand is a well-known actor and TV personality. He is known as a cast member of The Shahs of Sunset.

Nema celebrated his birthday last June 4, 2022, and he turned 34 years old. The tv star’s zodiac sign is Gemini, and he is known to be outgoing and very enthusiastic.

Nema Vand Net Worth

Nema has been nominated for and has not yet received any awards. Additionally, we may anticipate him to receive some accolades in the upcoming years based on his fame and group of fans.

Nema is a celebrity and an online marketing advisor; therefore, his income brings in an estimated net worth of a million dollars. There isn’t any additional info concerning his pay or revenue besides that. Nema’s profession also involves directing, and he has a TikTok account with 15k followers.

Nema Vand’s relationship with his Ex-Wife.

The ex-wife of the reality star is not well-known. They wed twelve years ago and filed for separation in 2015. Nema Vand admitted they had just been eighteen when he first met his former spouse.

Nema Vand shared that their marriage started tremendously, but they experienced complicated and challenging years in their relationship along the way.

Nema Vand Sister, Parents, and Early Life

Moigan Afsahi, Vand’s mother, is a professional medical researcher and microbiologist, and her parents are immigrants from Iran. He doesn’t share yet about his father’s name with the public.

He presented his two stunning sisters, Sarahbeth and Mona, in the Shahs of Sunset. Fans are amazed that the Vand siblings were brought into the world within the same year.

Vand and his sister Mona had been apart for some time, but they were met on Nema’s show and even gone so far as to patch things up.

Nema is a part of the Dr. Mona Vand production, highlighting her whole career spent assisting patients in achieving optimal wellness. Nema still lives in Los Angeles, where he has dedicated the entirety of his work.

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