Rachel Dratch Net Worth, Height. Husband John Walh and Kids

Rachel Dratch is an established author and journalist. She gained fame for performing in the Saturday Night Live episode.

Dratch has written four books on her time in comedy. For her acting career, she received several honors and awards.

What happened to Rachel Dratch’s relationship with Husband, John Walh? How about her current Net worth and Height? Learn more about her by reading this article!

Rachel Dratch’s Net Worth

Image of Rachel Dratch
Rachel Dratch is an American actress, comedian, and writer.

It was estimated that Rachel was earning over five million dollars. From her work as an American actor, comedian, and writer, she was able to afford her necessities.

She earned more money because of her seven years of service with SNL. She has acted in a lot of movies, which accounts for her considerable riches.

Rachel sold her Manhattan condo in 2016 for $1 million. She spent almost two million on an apartment in the same building a year prior.

Rachel Dratch is Married to a Husband, John Wahl

Image of Rachel Dratch with her husband, John Wahl
Rachel Dratch with her husband, John Wahl

Thirteen years ago, Rachel and John met at a nightclub party. Dratch wrote a book, and her love life was included in it.

According to Rachel, they had fun together in the pub and decided to go on dates. Little did she know that at the age of her forties, she would become pregnant.

Their marriage is not yet disclosed to the media, but as of 2019, it was confirmed that they got along well so they could guide their kid.

Rachel Dratch’s Kids

Image of Rachel Dratch with her son, Eli Benjamin Wahl
Rachel Dratch with her son, Eli Benjamin Wahl

In August 2010, Rachel and John welcomed their baby, Eli Benjamin Wahl. Given that it is well known that pregnancy at the age of forty will be challenging, Dratch was stunned that she would have a baby boy at her age.

Eli will be turning twelve this coming August 24. Aside from being a mom to Eli, Rachel is a fur mom.

Rachel loves spending time with her son and their pup in her Instagram photos. In her shared posts, Rachel Dratch also attended events with Eli Benjamin.

Who is her Husband, John Wahl?

Image of John Wahl
John Wahl is a known business analyst and the chairman of the group ALGOP

People frequently bring up Rachel, a well-known entertainer, and John Wahl’s marriage, which puts them in the spotlight. John Wahl is famous for his work as a business analyst in the specialty foods sector.

Regarding his academic accomplishments, he graduated from Northwood College with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Wahl also received a degree in shopper psychology from the institution, as mentioned earlier, which deals with figuring out what consumers want to buy and why.

John has experience working with Mamma Chia, an organization committed to enhancing the souls of our societies and the world for a really long time. He oversees national sales as a manager.

Before joining Mamma Chia, John Wahl had positions as national sales manager and business development with companies such as Odwalla, PowerBar, and Boca Burgers.

Rachel Dratch’s Height, Weight, and Measurements

Rachel’s height is 5 feet in inches and 153cm in centimeters. Her height is close to the average American women’s height.

She weighs about 124 pounds in weight or 56 kilograms. American shoe size 5.5 and dress size 4 are both suitable for Rachel.

Rachel Dratch has an hourglass body with measurements of 34-24-33 inches. Dratch’s hair color is dark brown and is commonly seen with short to medium lengths of hair.

Rachel Dratch’s Career and Bio

In the second month of 1966, Elaine Ruth and Paul welcomed Rachel into the world in Massachusetts. Her younger sibling, who currently works as a journalist and show producer, is Daniel.

In 1988, Dratch graduated with a bachelor’s degree in theater and psychology. Initially, she wanted to be a therapist; however, after enrolling in college, she decided against it.

She turned fifty-six years old seven months ago. Her zodiac sign is Pisces.

Based on the Pisces career guide, they are suitable for artists, musicians, physical therapists, etc. No wonder Rachel Dratch is recognized for her talents in the entertainment industry.

Rachel portrayed Adrena Lynn in the animated series Kim Possible in the year 2000. She has made appearances on well-known programs and was a part of the tv show The King of Queens.

Two honors have been given to Rachel for her acting talent. She won Joseph Jefferson Awards for Promisekeepers, Losers Weeper, and Revenue as Best Actress.

From television, films, and theater to writing books, Rachel Dratch is exceptional. We can see her career growth from 1994 up to this date.

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