Trey Songz Net Worth: height, Age, Brother, and gay

Trey Songz is an American male who achieved great success in the music industry. Since 2003, he has released music that would be global hits.

In 2005, I Gotta Make It was released, which is the singer’s first album. This gained massive success and started his mainstream music career.

His 2nd album Trey Day also received a lot of attention after his song Can’t Help But Wait on the top 20 singles list. He continued making music and eventually reached the top 9 spots of the Billboard Hot 100 with his song Say Aah.

His biggest commercial success came in 2012 when he released the album Chapter V where he received a Grammy Nomination for Best R&B Song.

Are you curious about the R&B singer’s net worth and whether he is gay? Read this article to learn more about Trey Songz, his brother, and measurements.

Trey Songz’s Net Worth

Image of Trey Songz with his mother and brother
Trey Songz with his mother and brother.

The R&B artist has been making music since the early 2000s. Because of this, it comes with no question that Trey has seen success over the years.

In 2022, his net worth is estimated to be $12 million. Most of his net worth came from his music career. This includes royalties from his music and concerts and tours.

How tall is Trey Songz? Height and Weight

At first glance, the R&B singer is someone who has good looks and a charming personality. Trey Songz’s height is said to be 6’1 ft., and his weight is 80 kilograms.

How old is Trey Songz? Age

After releasing massive hit songs in recent years, Songz’s career has improved a lot. The 37-year-old man was born on the twenty-eight of November in the year 1984.

Annually, his birthday celebration is looked forward to by a lot of celebrities because the R&B singer throws a huge party to celebrate the day of his birth.

Trey Songz Brothers: Forrest Neverson and Alex Neverson.

Image of Trey Songz with his brothers, Forrest Neverson and Alex Neverson
Trey Songz with his brothers, Forrest Neverson and Alex Neverson.

Although the R&B artist does not like sharing information about his personal life and family, it is well known that he has two brothers. The singer’s siblings are Forrest Neverson and Alex Neverson.

Trey Songz Gay Rumors

In 2010, a photoshopped image of Trey spread on the internet. The photo was edited by the singer kissing another man on the lips.

Immediately, the singer clarified that it was only edited, and he identifies as a straight man. In the year 2014, rumors about the R&B singer being a part of the LGBT community began spreading again on the social media platform Twitter.

This is after his account made a tweet stating that it is the right time to inform his supporters that he identifies as gay. But the alleged tweet was clarified by Trey that it was not true. He also stated that he does not understand where the hate is coming from.

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