Wanda Ferraton Age and Facts about Bill Goldberg Wife.

Some people become famous as a result of their employment, while others become renowned as a result of their famed spouses, and one example of it would be Wanda Ferraton. She is the wife of Bill Goldberg, a famous wrestler.

Aside from the recognition she garners as his wife, Wanda is a retired stunt performer who contributed to a number of films that have gone on to garner accolades. Viva Las Nowhere, Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning and Texas Rangers are some of the movies that made her famous.

Learn more about Wanda Ferraton’s life, such as her age, birthday, net worth, height, weight, and measurements! See details of her marriage with Bill Goldberg as well as his career and net worth.

Who is Bill Goldberg’s wife, Wanda Ferraton?

Image of Wanda Ferraton with her husband, Bill Goldberg
Wanda Ferraton with her husband, Bill Goldberg

Bill Goldberg’s wife was born in a rural community in Saskatchewan, Canada, which had a population of only 600 at the time. Her father, Allen Farraton, and her mother, Gwen Werbeski, were both farmers when she was growing up.

Wanda’s entire life was filled with joy as she and her four siblings spent their time together on farms playing with each other. The majority of her youth was spent in the farmhouse that her parents owned in Montemartre.

Despite this, very little information about Wanda’s early life and education has been made public; she has been successful in keeping everything confidential. As a former stunt performer, she launched her professional life in the movie The Unsaid in 2001.

It is possible that one can not see her in any scene; however, that is the job of body doubles. Wanda eventually decided to give up her career as a stunt actor when she had children.

Therefore, she decided to leave that profession in order to provide a healthy and happy childhood for her children. She later made the decision to go on a venture of her own, and she is now a co-owner of a clothing brand known as Hide and Chic Boutique.

Wanda Ferraton Age and Birthday

According to sources Wanda Ferration was born in 1970, which makes her 52 years as of 2022.

Wanda Ferraton is married to Bill Goldberg.

On the set of the comedy-horror film Santa’s Slay, in which Bill played the lead role of the protagonist, he first met his eventual wife. Bill claims that while they were shooting, there were approximately fifty girls, and all of them were naked, except for one girl who was not, which was Wanda.

By the way, before meeting one other, the two were involved in relationships with other individuals. Wanda ended her relationship with her previous partner so she could be with the wrestler.

Therefore, the separation turned out to be beneficial for both of them. In addition, this event marked the beginning of their romance; later on,

Bill initiated contact with Wanda, and the couple wed not long after, on the 10th day of April 2005, after dating for three and a half months. When the wrestler thinks back to the day he proposed to her, he was on a dinner date with her, and he was unable to look into her eyes.

After some time had passed, they placed their lunch order, and then eventually, he told her that he loved her; the rest, as they say, is history.

Bill Goldberg and his wife Wanda Ferraton have been married for almost fifteen years, but they still manage to make each other laugh and are head over heels in love. The married couple has a son born in 2006 who goes by the name Gage and now lives in Boerne, Texas.

Bill Goldberg’s Net Worth and Career

Bill Goldberg, born William Scott Goldberg, is a professional wrestler, actor, and former football player. The mixed martial artist contracted to WWE as a color commentator.

He also has a history in the sport of MMA. Bill’s glory has been transmitted all around the world in a variety of wrestling forms, such as WCW and WWE, and it is without a doubt acknowledged that Wanda’s husband is one of the best in-ring performers of all time.

He also has been in a number of movies and television shows over his career, including Family Guy and Universal Soldier: The Return. Aside from that, Bill has a net worth of $8 million.

Wanda Ferraton Net Worth

It is believed that the retired stunt performer has a substantial net worth of $1 million. It is true that this is a considerable sum of money, and Wanda has accomplished all of this success solely through her own efforts.

Height, Weight, and Measurements

Wanda is about 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs somewhere about 55 kilograms. She maintains a healthy diet and a rigorous exercise routine, and as a result, she is fit and radiant, with body measurements of 34, 26, and 34 inches.

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