Yung Bans Age, Net Worth, Height, and Girlfriend 

Yung Bans is a renowned rapper and social media sensation that has hundreds upon thousands of followers across Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. His birthname is Vas Coleman, but not many people know him by his real name.

This well-known rapper has put out a number of hits, some of which include songs like “Ridin” and “Right Through You,” amongst others.

Continue reading to learn more about the Age and Net Worth of renowned rapper Yung Bans. Also his Height and possible Girlfriend can also be found here.

Who is Yung Bans? Real Name 

Image of Yung Bans
Yung Bans, also known as Vas Coleman, is a well-known American singer, songwriter, and rapper.

Since he was in the sixth grade, Yung has been rapping and ultimately started his career as a musician when he was still in high school. His career was just getting started when the song “4Tspoon” started getting his name out there.

Even though he was just 14 years old when he released his hit track “4Tspoon” featuring Playboi Carti, the video for the song has accumulated more than one million views on YouTube. He rose to stardom came very quickly as a result.

The ingenious plan of Yung Bans to record a collaborative album with other rappers, both established and rising stars like himself, made it possible for listeners in every region of the country to take in his sound. His appreciation for rap music and the development of his own style were both influenced by established artists such as Lil Wayne and Chief Keef.

He was a fan of their music and used it as a point of departure in the creation of his style, which is a hybrid of rap and music that is more harmonic. Not only did this young star’s musical approach mature, but so did he as a person as well as his lifestyle.

The passage of time brought about shifts in both of these aspects. He spent his entire youth as an outsider and a loner, and he took great pride in the fact that he was different, whether it be in his choice of clothing, his preference for music, or the things that he was interested in.

Yung Bans became very close to ‘XXXTentacion‘ as a result of the method that he used to get himself noticed, which was to collaborate with other musicians.

How old is Yung Bans? Age and Birthday

The rapper was born in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S., on May 25, 1999. As of 2022, Yung is currently 23 years old.

Yung Bans’ Net Worth

According to many reliable sites, Yung Bans has a net worth of around $500 to $1 Million as of 2022 most of which came from his career of being a rapper.  This renowned rapper also earns from YouTube and brand deals.

Yung Bans’ Height

The height of Yung is a topic of interest for many of his followers, and it has even become a question that is frequently asked on the internet. Nevertheless, he stands at the height of 6 feet 0 inches or 183 centimeters.

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