Zainab Johnson Height, Age, and Husband 

Zainab Johnson is a renowned standup comedian as well as an actress, and she is rapidly gaining a reputation for being one of the most original and captivating talents on stage and screen.

The celebrity’s standup comedy is founded on her singular perspective, which was shaped throughout her childhood in Harlem as part of a large Muslim family with thirteen other siblings.

Zainab went to school to receive degrees in mathematics and education, and then she got a position as a teacher. However, the comedian rapidly realized that she was meant for something else.

Learn more about Zainab Johnson’s age, birthday, height, and measurements in this article. See if the comedian is married to a husband.

Who is Zainab Johnson? Bio 

Zainab was born in Harlem, New York, US, and was raised along with her 12 siblings. Her parents, whose identities are not available, instilled in her a strong commitment to Islam from a young age.

On the other hand, the comedian had disclosed how much she detested having to wear muslin when she was a child. She did not have a problem with the belief itself, but she found that some of the practices were cumbersome.

In addition to that, it differentiated her from the crowd, which was something she actively avoided. Zainab pursued a degree in mathematics at the undergraduate level with the goal of working in teaching when she graduated.

Image of Zainab Johnson
Zainab Johnson

After that, Zainab relocated to Los Angeles in order to pursue a career in acting. She became interested in comedy after being hired as a production assistant for comedy shows, which sparked her initial curiosity in the genre.

After participating in the eighth season of Last Comic Standing, she became known to a much larger audience.

How tall is Zainab Johnson? Height and Measurements

Zainab has an impressive height of 5 feet 11 inches and a weight of 56 kg. Although, to this day, her body measurements have been made public.

How old is Zainab Johnson? Age and Birthday

This renowned standup comedian’s birthday is on the 23rd day of March 1992, and her current age is now 30 years old.

Is Zainab Johnson married to a husband? 

Unfortunately, this renowned standup comedian does not reveal any information about her dating history. Still, her fans assume that she is not married because she does not show signs of having a partner on her social media platforms.

Despite this, Zainab may occasionally share some of the lessons she has learned from her dating experiences on her shows. For instance, she once revealed that a guy she was seeing broke off their relationship because she was a Muslim.

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