Candy Dulfer Net Worth. Is Candy Dulfer married to a husband?

Candy Dulfer is a renowned Jazz pop saxophonist. She started playing when she was six years old, and when Dulfer was fourteen, she formed the band Funky Stuff.

A nomination for a Grammy was given to Dulfer for their debut album, which was titled “Saxuality” and was released in 1990. Learn more about Candy Dulfer’s life, net worth, age, and height, and see if the musician is married to a husband.

Who is Candy Dulfer?

Just like we said earlier, Candy Dulfer is a renowned Jazz pop saxophonist. At the age of just five, she started learning how to play the drums.

She started learning how to play the soprano saxophone when she was six years old. Candy began playing the alto saxophone when she was seven years old and later joined the band “Jeugd Doet Leven,” which was a local concert band.

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Her band gave performances throughout the Netherlands and served as Madonna’s opening act for two of her European gigs in 1987.

In 1988, Prince asked her to join him on stage for one of his European performances so that he could play an improvised solo. In 1989, the musician was featured in the music video for Prince’s song “Partyman.”

Candy Dulfer Net Worth

According to a reliable source, Candy Dulfer has a net worth of $10 million as of 2022. The majority of her wealth came from her career as a Jazz pop saxophonist.

Is Candy Dulfer married to a husband? 

This well-known saxophonist does not appear to be in a relationship at this time. Because she has not provided any information about her current relationship status, we are unable to determine at this time whether she is single or not.

Candy may have a boyfriend or husband, but she chooses not to share this information with the general public. On the other side, she once was married to a man whose name was Bela Szénási.

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They had their wedding in 2014 but ended up divorcing two years later for reasons that are not known. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information about Candy and Bela’s relationship that can be found on the internet and can be accessed by anyone.

How old is Candy Dulfer? Age and Height

Dulfer, whose age is 52, was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on the 19th day of September 1969 and spent her childhood there. According to many sources, the famed saxophonist stands at the height of 5’7.

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