Intak (P1Harmony) Age, Birthday, Height, and Wiki

South Korean rapper and songwriter Intak is one of the artists in FNC Entertainment. He belongs to the boy band P1Harmony. In addition, Intak was a Def Dance School student before becoming an idol.

Furthermore, he entered FNC Company in February 2017 while he was still in his sophomore year of junior high after going and passing the FNC audition. Moreover, he became the first person in his group to participate in the agency.

Following his three years and eight months of training, he made his professional idol debut. Continue reading this article to learn more about P1Harmony Intak’s age, birthday, height, as well as his biography.

Who is P1harmony Intak?

Image of Intak
Intak is a famous rapper and singer of a group called P1Harmony

Intak was birthed and raised by a yoga instructor and an entrepreneur parents in Yangju, South Korea. In addition to having a younger sibling, he is the oldest son.

His love of dancing and performing since he was little inspired him to pursue a career as a vocalist. His area of expertise is dancing, but he can also compose lyrics.

Playing football and admiring clothing and fashion models are among his pastimes. He defines himself as having an excellent sense of humor, being enthusiastic, compassionate, and caring. Intak was unveiled as P1Harmony’s fourth member on September 4, 2020.

Intak Age and Birthday

Intak was brought to the world on August 31, 2003, making him 19 years as of the moment. He was born on the same day as Wonyoung of IVE and Lucy of Weki Meki.

His parents named him Hwang In Tak, which refers to “Make your identity publicly recognized by imprinting it across the East.”

Intak Height

Intak is described as being 182 centimeters or 6 feet tall based on various recent sites. He has a deceiving proportion due to his towering height of 182 cm, longer legs, and strong shoulders.

Numerous people have praised his stunning visuals even prior to his debut’s launch through preview photos and the group’s film screenings.

Prior to his debut, most people commented that he appeared composed and sophisticated, but he now comes across as an ordinary youthful man with lots of cuteness and a sweet charm. Due to his outlook, he was often referred to as the Golden Retriever.

Intak Net Worth

Various websites and talks were the basis for his earnings and net value. The estimated range of Intak’s total wealth in 2022 is $1 to $5 million.

He has earned this sum of net earnings via his work as a professional idol rapper and performer. Additionally, he would profit from sponsorships and promotions.

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