Celeste Ackelson Age and Facts about Brian Baumgartner Wife

Celeste Ackelson is a communications graduate famous for marrying the actor Brian Baumgartner. She has mentioned receiving her bachelor’s degree in communications from Florida International University in a few different interviews.

Therefore it is safe to assume that Celeste has done so. Learn more about the age, life, and kids of Brian Baumgartner’s wife, Celeste Ackelson, and their marriage.

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Who is Celeste Ackelson?

Image of Celeste Ackelson
Celeste Ackelson is a communications graduate. She is the actor’s second wife and director, Brian Baumgartner.


Celeste is not one of those famous people who became famous because of their achievements in life; instead, she became famous because she was married to the well-known actor Brian Baumgartner. There is not a great deal of information known about her family or her early life.

On the other hand, she said she had a relatively routine childhood. Celeste has a creative mind, which served her well in the many academic projects she participated in.

This creative streak remained in her even when she reached adulthood, influencing her rise to prominence in fashion. Celeste has received significant attention in the public eye and red carpet for her incredible sense of style.

She went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in communications from Florida International University after enrolling there shortly after receiving her diploma from the high school she had attended previously.

Celeste Ackelson Age

Unfortunately, the exact details of her birth date are unavailable on the internet. However, according to many sites, Celeste was born in 1982, meaning her age is between 39 and 40.

Celeste Ackelson is the second wife of Brian Baumgartner.

Image of Celeste Ackelson with her husband, Brian Baumgartner
Celeste Ackelson with her husband, Brian Baumgartner

The man who is now Celeste’s husband was previously wed to Julia Fisher, and they have a child together. Before they got married to one other, they lived together in a happy marriage.

Unfortunately, their marriage was doomed, and they eventually divorced. Celeste became his new significant other not long after the finalization of his divorce from Fisher.

She stated that the actor’s humorous demeanor was the factor that ultimately won her affection for him. She claims that Baumgartner can make her laugh even when they are amidst the gravest of circumstances.

The wedding occurred on the 28th day of April 2014, in the backyard of the couple’s home in California, and guests attended the ceremony. Baumgartner wore a light gray suit with a black tie, while Celeste wore an ivory gown with a mermaid finish with no straps.

The event was attended by many of Baumgartner’s co-stars from “The Office.” John Krasinski’s wife, Emily Blunt, was beside him at the event.

Celeste Ackelson Kids

One year after marriage, Celeste and her husband welcomed their daughter into the world. Brylee Bea Ackelson is the name they gave to their little girl.

She was born on the 19th day of February 2015 and is now seven years old.

Celeste Ackelson’s husband Brian Baungartner Net Worth and Career

Brian Baumgartner is a renowned actor who is the husband of Celeste Ackelson. According to several sources, as of the year 2022, he possesses a net worth of $10 million in 2022.

The character of Kevin Malone, who he played on the NBC sitcom “The Office,” brought him the most fame. Brian was a vital member of the cast throughout the show’s run.

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