Jim Cashman’s wife Michelle Noh, Net Worth and Age 

Jim Cashman is a renowned actor who achieved many achievements in acting. In addition, he has worked as a comedian professionally, as well as in the roles of producer and writer in the past.

He works as an actor in films and television series such as The Goldbergs, Bandwagon: The Series, and Spy TV, among others. Because of Jim’s role as ‘Jamie’ in commercials for Progressive Corporation broadcast on radio and television, he enjoys a great deal of fame.

Learn more about Jim’s life and find details of his family, net worth, married life with his wife, Michelle Noh, and age in the article.

Who is Jim Cashman? Family 

Image of Jim Cashman
Jim Cashman is an actor and writer. He is known for casting in The Boss

Jim attended the Meadows School in Las Vegas when he was younger, going there from the fifth through the eighth grade. It was in Los Angeles, California, at The Groundlings sketch show troupe and school, that he got his start in the comedy profession.

He was raised by his mother, Carrie Cloveree Rivers, and his father, Ray Cashman. This comedian actor also has six siblings.

Jim has three sisters: Joanne Cash, Louise Cash, and Reba Hancock. In addition to his sisters, he has three brothers: Jack Cash, Tommy Cash, and Roy Cash.

Jim Cashman’s Net Worth

According to a reliable site, Jim has a net worth of $3 million as of 2022. Most of his earnings came from his acting career and book sales.

Jim has always been a diligent worker ever since he was old enough to be responsible for his own actions. He was able to achieve his goals with the assistance of his parents, who were always there for him and supported him to pursue his career, as well as other people.

Jim Cashman married life with his Wife, Michelle Noh.

Image of Jim Cashman's wife, Michelle Noh
Jim Cashman’s wife, Michelle Noh.

The success of Jim’s career has not lessened the happiness he has found in his marriage. He was married to the actress Michelle Noh, who also worked in the entertainment industry; however, most details of their romance are unrevealed.

They tied the knot on the 15th day of November 2003 and have enjoyed a very happy marriage ever since. This is due to the fact that there have been no scandals or rumors surrounding them that may have caused their marriage to end.

Despite Jim and his wife, Michelle, being together for almost two decades, the married couple does not have kids yet.

Who is Jim Cashman’s wife, Michelle Noh?

Jim Cashman’s wife is an actress who gained fame through her roles in the films and series “Brothers & Sisters” and “How I Met Your Mother.” Michelle Noh was born on the 16th day of August 1977 in Newport Beach, California, US.

As of now, she is currently 45 years old. Unfortunately, there is not much information available on Jim’s wife as neither he nor his wife shared any of it.

How old is Jim Cashman? Age and Birthday

This actor was born on the 9th day of June 1965 in Las Vegas, Nevada, US, and was raised there. As of 2022, Jim is currently 57 years old.

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