Julian McMahon’s Wife Kelly Paniagua and Daughter Madison Elizabeth McMahon

Julian McMahon is a well-known actor who also happens to be the son of Sir William McMahon, who served as Prime Minister of Australia in the past. His most famous roles include those of Detective John Grant in the TV series “Profiler,” Cole Turner in the TV series Charmed and many more.

Keep reading to learn more about Julian McMahon, Including his Wiki and his wife, Kelly Paniagua. Also, his daughter Madison Elizabeth McMahon is in this Wikipedia-style biography.

Who is Julian McMahon?

Julian is a well-known actor who was born in New South Wales, Australia. His father, the former Prime Minister Sir William McMahon, and his mother, Lady McMahon, were responsible for his upbringing.

In the 1990s, Julian had a difficult time acquiring a US work permit; consequently, he turned down a few assignments. When McMahon was cast in the character of Ian Rain on the soap opera “Another World” in 1993, it was the role that started his Hollywood career.

When he initially arrived in New York to film a sequence for the program, it was at the Cory Mansion, and it had him emerging from a pool while wearing a speedo. He describes the event as “very magical” in his memories of it.

Julian McMahon is married to a wife, Kelly Paniagua. 

Image of Julian McMahon with his girlfriend, Kelly Paniagua
Julian McMahon with his girlfriend, Kelly Paniagua

Julian is happily married to a woman named Kelly Paniagua and has been married for six years. They got married in June 2014 in a small ceremony their families and friends attended.

According to reports, Julian and his future bride Kelly had been together for eleven years before being married. Kelly, over the last few years, has become pretty famous.

As a result, many people are wondering whether or not Julian and Kelly are still married. In addition, Julian has been somewhat tight-lipped about his life with his wife as of now. Thankfully, they haven’t broken up and still enjoy each other’s company.

Who is Julian McMahon’s Wife, Kelly Paniagua? Her Age and Wiki

Kelly is an author who formerly worked as a model. Kelly’s early career included some time spent modeling, during which she participated in a few different projects.

It would appear that her work as a model did not provide her with very much satisfaction overall. “Bedtime for Sarah Sullivan,” a children’s book that she wrote and released in 2012, took its inspiration from the bond that she and her husband share with their stepdaughter.

After a few months had passed, she developed a mobile application based on the title of the same book. In addition, because she prefers to live a low-key existence, no one is aware of what she is doing at present.

Kelly was born on December 15, 1977, in Australia means that she is currently 44 years old.

Who is Julian McMahon’s Daughter, Madison Elizabeth McMahon?

Image of Julian McMahon with his wife and daughter, Madison Elizabeth McMahon
Julian McMahon with his wife and daughter, Madison Elizabeth McMahon

Before Kelly, Julian was married to two other ex-wives. His first wife was Brooke Burns. Julian has a daughter named Madison Elizabeth McMahon with his first wife Brooke Burns.

Madison Elizabeth is 22 years as she was born in 1990. Sadly, her parents’ marriage failed and After her parents got divorcedd when Madison was around a year old, she moved in with her father and has been with him ever since.

Since then, Julian McMahon’s daughter Madison Elizabeth McMahon has always been her father’s little girl. It is clear that Madison and her father, Julian have a good relationship, as evidenced by the vibrant photos that can be found on her Instagram account.

Madison is extremely supportive of her father and all of his endeavors, even the most recent one, in which Julian plays the character of Jess LaCroix in the crime thriller FBI: Most Wanted on CBS.

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