Katina Eats Kilos Age, Net Worth, Military and Wikipedia

An American social media personality known as Katina DeJarnett also goes by the name Katina Eats Kilos. She is renowned for her eating disorders and food challenges. She uploads the eating-related videos to her famous Katina Eats Kilos YouTube channel, which has thousands of subscribers.

She is also engaged on Instagram, where she lets her followers see a glimpse of her daily life by sharing her daily activities and personal relations with them.

Through her videos of herself devouring enormous portions of food and for having confidence and a sense of humor, Katina has gained a wide variety of followers and supporters.

In addition to posting eating challenges, Katina is a bodybuilder who shares videos of her workouts.

Katina desired to inform the public about her experience. She knew there was a market for those interested in health and fitness, but even more specifically for those with a problematic food relationship.

Want to know more about the age of Katina Eats Kilos? What about her net worth? Her Military experience? or what her Wikipedia page tells? Then continue reading this article.

Who is Katina Eats Kilos? Wikipedia

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She is a known fitness personality, YouTube content creator, and a former associate of the Air Force

Katina DeJarnett is the actual name of the famous Youtuber Katina Eats Kilos. She is a food challenger and competitive eater who rose to fame after her YouTube videos of devouring big meals went viral.

Katina, who goes by the moniker Katina Eats Kilos, was born in the United States of America. She was raised a Christian and had the astrological sign of Aries. Katina has a mixed heritage and holds American citizenship.

Speaking of her professional background, she spent seven years as a United States Air Force and Washington Air National Guard member. Before beginning her career as a food vlogger.

She has always loved food and enjoyed eating a lot of it. She has a lot of challenges to overcome, and she is constantly hungry, but she rises to the occasion and is placed fifth in the Empire Classic Bodybuilding competition.

She purchased a camera to launch her YouTube account, and in 2019 she began her career there.

She triumphed in every challenge involving family members. After doing so, she began uploading recordings of her vast meals, which included eating tricks, hot food challenges, and cheat days, to her YouTube channel, Katina Eats Kilos. She has amassed a sizable fan base thus far on her YouTube account.

How old is Katina Eats Kilos? Age and Birthday

In the country of the United States, on April 5, 1991, Katina was born. As of 2022, Katina is currently thirty-one years old.

Katina Eats Kilos Net Worth

Most of Dejarnett’s income came from her employment as a professional eater and in the military. She frequently engages in sponsorships and endorsements on Instagram, contributing significantly to her revenue.

Katina has received over 55 million views and $150k in revenue on YouTube. According to estimations, Katina has a net worth of $500,000.

Does Katina Eats Kilos serve in the military?

Image of Katina Eats Kilos in Military
Katina DeJarnett in Military

From 2015 to 2018, Katina DeJarnett served on active service in the Air Force before transferring to the Washington Air National Guard to complete her undergraduate studies at Gonzaga University.

She was a missile mechanic for the CALM system while on active service, but she also had the chance to move to the Abu Dhabi region as part of an OCN detail. Simply put, she sort of oversaw employees while they performed their jobs at the air base.

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