Is Mike Carlsen Gay? Wiki and Bio Facts

Actor Mike Carlsen is most known for playing Mikey Politano in the film Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, in which a woman is saved from a religious cult and begins a new life in Nyc.

Are you curious about Mike Carlsen’s sexual orientation, whether he is gay or not? Also, do you want to know about his Wiki and Bio Facts? Then keep reading to learn more about him.

Who is Mike Carlsen? Early Life and Biography

Image of Mike Carlsen
Mike Carlsen is a known American actor. He is best known for his work in Unbreakable.

In 1980, Mike Carlsen was born in New York. He happily celebrated his 42nd birthday last March 24.

The actor, Carlsen, received his degree at SUNY Purchase, whose alumnus generally go by the moniker “The Purchase Mafia.”

Mike Carlsen hasn’t given the public much information about his private life, although he routinely shares images from his childhood on Instagram. You can see more throwback photos of him, his relatives, and his loved ones in his feed.

Is Mike Carlsen Gay or Married to a Wife?

Image of Mike Carlsen with his fiancée, Racine Russell
Mike Carlsen with his fiancée, Racine Russell

We now know that in real life, Titus Burgess, Mike’s on-screen partner, is homosexual. Although Mike appears to be gay in the movie, he is straight.

On Unbreakable, Mike’s personality and lovely bond with Titus are admired. Carlsen explains in an interview that he and Titus were genuinely close friends before being selected for the said film.

During an interview during the film premiere, Mike Carlsen revealed that he has a wonderful girlfriend. The two are living together and have a cute dog named Oscar, and both of them love Tina Fey.

In some of Mike Carlsen’s Instagram posts, we can see how he flexes his girlfriend on social media. A shared post of them being engaged was seen on December 12, three years ago.

Last March 2, 2022, Mike Carlsen and his finance, Racine Russell, went to Disneyland and looked happy together. Details of their marriage are not yet revealed to the public.

Mike Carlsen’s Net Worth and Career

Carlsen had a number of supporting parts on television in addition to having significant roles in movies. He is claimed to have a net worth of $15 million.

The actor had worked on several shows and movies like 30 Rock and Roll, 11:55, and more. He also had an additional role as a voice actor in the animated film Wreck-It Ralph in 2012.

From 2015-2017, Mike was cast to play a gay role in the film, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Because of how entertaining and uplifting it was to see, many people eagerly anticipated his connection with Titus.

Social Media Activities

Mike Carlsen has social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram. The Unbreakable actor, Mike, has more than two thousand followers on Twitter while eleven thousand on Instagram.

This year, he had not been active on his Twitter account. His last retweet was a tweet by Tommy showing his son diagnosed with Apraxia last April 1, 2021.

Mike Carlsen is currently active on his Instagram account with 1,406 shared posts. His latest post was last July 31, a photo of him on a chair with the caption “Livin’ the dream.”

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