Rissa and Quan Net Worth and Merch: Baby and Age 

Rissa and Quan are a couple of YouTube personalities with millions of followers. They make their content and publish it to their channel on YouTube, under the name of “Riss&Quan.”

They began uploading videos to the channel in the year 2018, and as of right now, it has 2.86 million subscribers. The duo got their start by recording videos about everyday activities and routines.

Instagram was where the famed couple each began their journeys on their own. Learn more about Rissa and Quan’s net worth and merch.

See details of their Net Worth and Merch. Also, this article lets you learn more about their wonderful Baby and Age.

Rissa and Quan’s Net Worth and Merch

Image of Rissa and Quan with their son
Rissa and Quan with their son.

According to many reliable sites, Riss & Quan have a net worth of $2 Million as of 2022. The duo has followed in other YouTube personalities’ footsteps and established their product brand.

T-shirts, hoodies, and baseball caps are all part of their selection of merch. As soon as the online merch store is made available, many of the products quickly sell out due to a large number of customers.

Riss and Quan’s combined wealth has increased dramatically as a direct result of the overall earnings from the sale of the products.

How old are Rissa and Quan? Age

Rissa’s real name is Clarissa Caleb. Her birthday is on the 4th day of November 1997, and she is currently 24 years old. Also, she has Jamaican, Swiss, and Italian ancestry.

On the other hand, Shaquan Roberts is Quan’s real name. His mother is of Jamaican and Cuban descent, and he inherited both from her.

On the 28th day of July 1995, he entered the world. Both of them are born in the state of New York, US.

Rissa and Quan’s baby

The couple had kept silent about the pregnancy for a considerable time. Rissa and Quan had both been uploading images on social media in which Rissa’s growing baby belly could not be seen.

The popular YouTubers, at last, broke their silence with a video in which they revealed that the due date for their child would be in November of 2021. On the 23rd day of November 2021, the long-awaited child was delivered after months of anxious anticipation.

They even upload it to their channel on YouTube, where it quickly garners more than 9 million views.

Are Rissa and Quan still together and Married?

They are currently dating, but Rissa and Quan have not yet tied the knot. The internet couple’s first encounter is reported to be in the year 2019.

When Quan and Riss happened to be at the exact location for a particular occasion, she was a student at the university he was attending. They introduced themselves and started to dance.

After the success of their chance encounter, Quan asked Riss out on a date, and she readily agreed to the proposal. Since then, the pair have been dating, and they are relocating and building a home together.

On the contrary side, they are not currently planning to be married.

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