Natalie Noone (Peter Noone’s Daughter) Wikipedia, Age, and Wedding

Natalie Noone is a famous and brilliant singer renowned for her performances with the English indie rock group “The Maybes.” But the band has indeed dissolved.

Natalie’s enormous popularity has also grown because she is the multi-talented singer, composer, musician, and artist Peter Noone’s daughter. In this write-up, learn about Natalie Noone, her age, and her wedding with her husband.

Natalie Noone is Peter Noone’s Daughter

Image of Natalie Noone with her father, Peter Noone
Natalie Noone with her father, Peter Noone

Natalie Noone grew up working in the family business despite coming from an affluent celebrity background. Peter, her father, is a great lyricist and performer.

Natalie grew up in a family of musicians because of her dad, so she also has a passion for music. Although Natalie only disclosed a few details to the public regarding her early years, we know that she is an only child.

Peter Noone’s Daughter Natalie Noone Wikipedia

Natalie is born to his parents, Peter and Mireille, and is presently a resident of the USA and lives in California. she attended Santa Barbara High School in California for her secondary education and Belmont University, a Christian school in Nashville, for her bachelor’s degree in history.

Natalie started her career with Bigger Picture Group as an intern for seven months before progressing to a position supporting archivists at Metropolitan Government Archives.

She then entered Notes for Notes, Inc. as a member of the company’s board of executives in 2007 and has been affiliated with the company for the past fifteen years.

Paul Ebersold and Natalie Noone are the composers and producers of the song “American Dream.” Lights On, I Will Wait for You, Lioness, In an Instant, and other tracks by Natalie are just a few of the numerous songs she has recorded, which are available on YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, and other music services.

In the entertainment sector, Natalie has also created a great career. Along with being a singer, Natalie has been a radio broadcaster for SiriusXM’s 60s-on-6 program since 2020.

How old is Natalie Noone? Age and Birthdate

Natalie was born in 1986 in England, United Kingdom. She recently turned 36 years old last July 3, 2022.

Regarding Noone’s ancestry, she is of white ethnicity and British national origin. She was also born under the astrological sign of Cancer, which is known for being nurturing, gentle, and loving.

Wedding and Married life with her Husband, Erick Pressly.

Image of Natalie Noone with her husband, Erick Pressly
Natalie Noone with her husband, Erick Pressly

Natalie Noone married his longtime boyfriend Erick Pressly last year on the same date as her birthday. Her Instagram update was posted last July 6, 2021, with the two of them wearing their wedding outfits in a car.

The couple had an intimate wedding and only held a civil ceremony in Ganna Walska Lotusland. Nathalie thanked her parents for their love and support for them.

Erick Pressly and Nathalie Noone met at a bar based on Nathalie’s Instagram post. After three years of dating, Erick and Nathalie finally settled.

Nathalie captioned that she and Erick were perfectly matched. Fans were happy for both of them and told Nathalie that she had waited for the right man.

Last January 21, 2022, Natalie gave birth to their first child and named him Marcel Peter Pressly. Instagram photos last February 2 showed her parents and husband gladly welcoming her newborn baby.

Natalie Noone’s Net Worth

Her father, Peter, has an estimated total wealth of three million dollars. Nathalie’s net worth is estimated to be around half a million dollars.

Her source of income is her music career, hosting, and her YouTube channel. We can infer that Natalie makes a decent living since she has a thriving music and entertainment career.

Social Media Activities

Natalie has a Youtube page with the same name where she uploads both original music videos and covers of well-known hits. Additionally, she has attracted a lot of interest on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Nathalie’s Instagram account has more than 10 thousand followers with 384 posts. His husband, Eric’s account, is currently private, but Nathalie always posts him alongside her family and career.

Her most recent IG post last July 5 was her birthday celebration in Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, a luxury resort hotel on the French Riviera in Antibes. Nathalie Noone’s YouTube channel has 455 subscribers and is not active as of the moment.

Her last video was her original songs which were uploaded two years ago.

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