Pat McNamara (Delta Force) Wife, Age, and Wiki

Pat McNamara is an ex-Delta Force personnel who became prominent after writing books about military training. His book Tactical Application of Practical Shooting achieved great international success.

He also has a training company named TMACS, where he teaches how to shoot properly. Curious about the Ex-Delta Force Pat? Read this article about his Biography, Age, and Married life with his Wife.

Ex-Delta Force Pat McNamara Wiki

Image of Pat McNamara
Pat McNamara is a former Delta Force personnel and an author of military training books.

Pat’s professional career was in the military. According to him, he was in service for the Special Operations Delta for thirteen years. He slowly climbed the ranks and eventually became an officer and a sergeant major. He was also part of the Hostage Rescue Unit.

All in all, his military career spanned twenty-two years. After retirement, Pat focused on sharing the knowledge he gained and wrote them in a book.

Pat McNamara is married to a wife, Rebecca McNamara. 

Image of Pat McNamara with his wife, Rebecca McNamara
Pat McNamara with his wife, Rebecca McNamara.

Pat does not want to share information about his personal life. But reports tell that he is already a married man. Pat McNamara’s wife is Rebecca McNamara. The lovely couple decided to exchange vows on the fourteenth of May in the year 2016.

After eight years of marriage, the two still do not have their own children. But fans hope that the couple can raise a family of their own in the future.

Despite this being the case, Pat already had children from his previous relationship. But unfortunately, details about them are yet to be disclosed by the author.

The couple is always asked about the gap between their age. Since Pat is already 57, people are curious about how their relationship works. But according to the couple, this does not bother them, and they still love each other.

How old is Pat McNamara? Age and Birthday

Although the exact date of birth of the ex-Delta Force is yet to be revealed, it is known that he was born in the year 1965. Now, the 57-year-old focuses on sharing all the things he has learned.

Where does Pat McNamara live? 

After Pat’s appearance in the Joe Rogan show, many fans became curious about where he lives. Although he does not share personal information, it is revealed that the author resides in the North California area in the United States of America.

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