Pickle Wheat from Swamp People Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Bio

Pickle Wheat is a famous professional alligator hunter who made an appearance in the reality series “Swamp People.” Pickle also works for her family’s duck and turkey call production industry.

Do you want to know how much money she brings in? Read this article to learn about Pickle Wheat’s Net Worth, Bio, Age, and if she is dating a boyfriend or not.

Cheyenne Pickle Wheat from Swamp People Real Name and Bio

Image of Pickle Wheat or Cheyenne Wheat
Pickle Wheat, or also known as Cheyenne Wheat, is an actress and a reality TV personality. She usually appears in a show called Swamp people.

Cheyenne Nicolas Wheat, the American gator hunter, goes by the nickname Pickle Wheat. Eddie Wheat is Pickle’s father, while Missie Wheat is her mother. Her parents owned a business called Gator Wrangler.

Pickle’s family has a history of involvement with the animal world, although her brother, James, was into music. Cheyenne watched her parents capture alligators as a kid, and after learning to walk, she began hunting. She is pretty knowledgeable about a wide range of animals.

One of the first alligator hunters in the parish was her great-grandpa. She also gave her father credit for fostering her unique traits.

Pickle Wheat is a brave girl and an experienced alligator hunter. She typically wears a hunting hat and has brown eyes and hair.

She began to gain recognition in 2021 for her competence and appearance in the show Swamp People, telecasted on the History channel.

How old is Pickle Wheat? Age and Birthday

Wheat was born in Louisiana, US, in the year 1995. Pickle will be celebrating her birthday on September 21 and will turn 27 years old.

Pickle’s zodiac sign is Virgo, which best matches her line of work’s extraordinarily cautious and scientific character.

Pickle Wheat Net Worth

Pickle’s estimated net value is around half a million dollars. Some reports claim that the Swamp People cast makes roughly $25,000 every episode.

Pickle Wheat’s primary source of income comes from her earnings as a gator hunter and tv show appearances. She also makes money through online retailing and a family-owned business.

Pickle Wheat is dating a Boyfriend, Joshua Kippes.

Pickle is presently seeing Joshua Kippes, a Medtech in New Orleans, according to her Social media page. Joshua was previously wed to Rachel, another medical worker.

Joshua Kippes updated his Facebook cover photo on May 29 to display him and Cheyenne cuddling on the seaside. Pickle commented in the picture, calling Joshua “babe” and saying they would surely return to that place.

Cheyenne’s Facebook profile shows that her status is in a relationship with Joshua. Even her profile photo, updated last May 11, shows her with his man.

This Facebook update suggests that Chayenne and Joshua Kippes are committed to a steady connection.

Chase Landry previously liked Her.

Pickle dated her Swamp People co-star Chase Landry last year. According to their social media accounts, Wheat and Chase had been dating since October two years ago.

Chase split up with her ex-wife two years ago when COVID-19 was announced, focusing instead on Cheyenne. According to some reports, they allegedly started dating while Chase was still dating Chelsea.

Chase Landry and Pickle Wheat came from a family that loves adventure and hunting. Along with his family and his father Troy, the show’s lead, Chase makes an appearance in Swamp People.

Chase is five years older than Wheat. Why the two abruptly ended their romance after confirming it leaves the fans wondering.

Does Pickle Wheat have a child?

Pickle Wheat doesn’t have a child yet, but his ex-boyfriend, Chase, has. Before having a romantic relationship with Pickle, Chase Landry was hitched to Chelsea Kinsey. Riley, their kid, was born in March 2017.

Pickle’s current boyfriend, Joshua, also has two kids from Rachel. He has a son who is now four years old and a cute six years old daughter.

Instagram and Social Media Activities

In terms of social media, she frequently updates her Facebook and Instagram accounts. Although Wheat’s former Instagram account may not have been accessible, two posts from her new profile may be seen.

Chayenne has a page and a personal account on Facebook. She occasionally posts photos and videos about her wildlife adventures and hunting. The FB page already has almost 80k likes.

Cheyenne “Pickle” Wheat recently was live on her Facebook, showing a bucket hanging on the tree. It received 4.7k reactions from people and followers worldwide who watched it.

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