Wisin Net Worth and Wife Yomaira Ortiz Feliciano

Since 1995, Juan Luis Morera Luna has been a member of the musical duet Wisin & Yandel, under the stage name Wisin. Reggaeton is arguably best represented by the duo, commonly known as W & Y, the History Duo, and the Dynamic Duo.

They are among the most well-known artists in the genre. In 2004, he published his debut album under his name, which was titled “El Sobreviviente.”

WY Records was the name of the independent record company that he and Yandel established in 2005. Learn more about Wisin’s net worth and marriage with his wife, Yomaira Ortiz Feliciano. See details of Yomaira Ortiz Feliciano’s age and life details!

Who is Wisin?

Image of Wisin
Wisin is a known Puerto Rican-American singer and rapper. He is known as the other member of a reggaeton duo, Wisin & Yandel.

Due to the fact that Wisin has sold millions of copies of his music and has been active in the music industry for almost twenty years, he is currently considered to be one of the most relevant performers working in the urban, reggaeton, and Latin pop genres. The musician was born on the 19th day of December 1978 in Cayey, Puerto Rico.

At present, Wisin is 43 years old. He got inspired by an old-school singer known as “Wiso” or “Wiso G,” and he took his stage name, “Wisin,” from either of those names.

He, along with Yandel, first began playing together as a duo in the late 1990s, and they released their first studio album, “Los Reyes del Nuevo Milenio,” in the year 2000. Later, in 2003, they released their first album for Universal subsidiary Machete Music, “Mi Vida… My Life.”

Wisin Net Worth

Wisin is considered to be Puerto Rico’s most wealthy rapper despite the fact that the exact amount of his concert fees and annual payments are unknown. He has a substantial net worth of forty million dollars.

While on the other hand, the addition of a suitable amount of money to his millions comes from both Wisin’s collection of automobiles and his lavish mansion.

Wisin is married to a wife, Yomaira Ortiz Feliciano.

Image of Wisin with his wife, Yomaira Ortiz Feliciano
Wisin with his wife, Yomaira Ortiz Feliciano

After spending a significant amount of time with the woman who was then his girlfriend, Wisin made the decision to transform the purported affair into a happy marriage. They’ve been married for a decade and a half.

After dating for four years, he finally proposed to her, and they got married on the 26th day of July 2008. The wedding and party got held in Cayey, Puerto Rico, at the Jajome Terrace restaurant, which is in a serene inn on a mountaintop.

Only the couple’s immediate family members and close friends were invited to their special day, which then took place in secret. They are now parents to their four children.

First, there is Yelena, who was born on the 27th day of September 2007 and has reached the age of 14. The second is named Dylan Luna, who was born on the 19th day of July 2009 and has now reached the age of 13 years old.

In addition, on the 29th day of August 2016, they had a second daughter, Victoria. However, since she had Patau syndrome or Trisomy 13, the little girl did not make it past her first month of life after she was born and lost her battle with the condition on the 30th day of September.

During the fifth month of the woman’s pregnancy, the couple was told their daughter would be born with a congenital illness. Even though the medical professionals suggested having the pregnancy terminated as a potential solution, the couple decided against this course of action.

On the 21st day of November 2021, at 3:21 in the afternoon, their youngest child, Daniel, was born. Wisin has been delighted by the marriage relationship he shares with the woman he adores for fourteen years now.

Who is Wisin’s Wife, Yomaira Ortiz Feliciano? Age

Image of Wisin with his wife, Yomaira Ortiz Feliciano, and their kids
Wisin with his wife, Yomaira Ortiz Feliciano, and their kids

After marrying the rapper, Yomaira Ortiz Feliciano became more well-known in the public eye. Since the beginning of her ascent to fame and career, Wisin’s wife has maintained complete silence regarding any aspect of her private life.

The majority of her background information, including her immediate family and where she went to school, is kept secret from the media. In addition, Yomaira’s actual birthday and age are unrevealed officially.

On the 7th day of November 2021, however, Wisin posted a birthday greeting for her on his Instagram account. She has followed her husband to various events, including award shows and red carpets, throughout their marriage.

The fashion industry has lauded Yomaira’s sense of style and overall appearance, stating that she exudes elegance while being understated.

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